Ash gourd Juice

There are many types in ash gourd. White, yellow, orange, light yellow. Similarly there are varieties in food. Here, I am telling you about importance of ash gourd. It has 96% of water and 0% of fat. Among vegetables ash gourd is the kind we can say. It helps in weight reduction. It has alkaline in it which helps in body cleansing. It is low calorie and high in fiber.

Preparation method:

We have to peel and remove seeds in it. Add all the pulp to the juicer or mixer and the juice is ready. Drinking 1 cup daily is very healthy. It is not necessary to add anything to this. Have to drink slowly. If you keep consuming it for years, all the problems in the body will be reduced. If you grind it with seeds, it has to be extracted. If you don’t put seeds, you don’t have to extract.

Second method

For 2 cups of ash gourd juice, add 1/2 cup apple, 1 chikku, 4 almonds, 10 dry grapes, 4 cashews,1/2 spoon Cumin Seeds powder,  seesame powder, 2 spoons of honey, adding all this will make a yummie breakfast and healthy too.

Salad for weight reduction

It can be had like salad for afternoon and evening.

Cut ash gourd into pieces, add onion, carrot, green chillies, salt for taste, 2 spoons of lemon juice, and the yummie salad is ready. It makes stomach full. For weight reduction, it will be very useful. You can use this to prepare sambar.

You can add coconut milk, jaggery, elaichi to make a tasty dessert out of it.

Ash gourd medicines are very famous. I have written the methods of making medicines in another page.

Required ingredients:

250gm ash guord

Grated Coconut 1 cup

Salt 1 spoon

Green chilli 1

Tadka (have already told how to make)

Peel the ash gourd and cut it into small pieces.

Add 1 spoon of salt, 2 spoon jaggery, water (25ml) add all this in a low flame.

Add 1 cup of grated coconut and green chillies and grind finely.

After it is cooled, add some coconut milk and 1 cup curd. Later add tadka to it. Tasty dish is ready. You can mix it with rice and have it. You can have it like that only to reduce weight.

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