Brahmi Juice

Brahmi is a perennial creeping herb. It needs well irrigated or wetlands to grow. In India, the Brahmi leaf has been used since ages for its medicinal properties. Daily consumption of this leaf is beneficial to children and pregnant women.

Brahmi juice generally has a cooling property and is used to enhance memory, strengthen brain functions, reduce anxiety and stress, control cough and to enhance skin complexion. My mother used to recommend 5 Brahmi leaves along with 1 peppercorn a day. Brahmi juice is especially beneficial for people with Diabetes, Blood pressure and Alzheimer’s.

The ingredients required are:

A handful of Brahmi leaves along with its creeper and roots

Cumin seeds-1 spoon

Pepper-1 spoon

Coconut water or grated coconut

Buttermilk or Lemon juice


Salt as per taste

Method of preparation

Chop the Brahmi leaves creeper into small pieces and put them in the juicer along with cumin seeds, pepper and half a handful of grated coconut. Strain the juice and add buttermilk or juice of half a lemon. Add jaggery or salt as per taste. This recipe yields three to four glasses of Brahmi juice. It is advisable to consume this juice in the morning and afternoon. People suffering from diabetes should add very little jaggery. The juice is thus ready.

This juice can also be prepared as a hot drink or tea during winters and rainy seasons.

The method of preparation is:

Chop a handful of Brahmi leaves along with its creeper and roots into small pieces and put them in the mixer along with half spoon of pepper, 2 spoons of cumin seeds and grind this mixture. Later boil this mixture in 4 glasses of water. Strain this mixture and add lemon juice, honey or jaggery and the drink is ready. It’s tasty as well.

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