Semi Solid Syrup

2. Ginger (For Gastric)

Ingredients –
100 grams ginger
250 ml ghee
250 grams jaggery   
4 table spoon cumin, 2 table spoon black pepper seeds
Cardamom 4, clove 4 and poppy seeds 4 table spoon

Method of Preparation
Grind Ginger, cumin, black pepper seeds, clove, cardamom and 1 inch raw turmeric with little water. You can add two more spoon of cumin as optional.

Now boil this paste along with ghee, jaggery until it becomes like solid syrup.

Once it cools down to room temperature transfer it to glass container and can use it till one month.

This is very good for digestion. This increases appetite. Hence this can be used by people who have lost their appetite, digestive problems and post partum women. Take this in empty stomach in the morning and evening along with milk.

For kids, half table spoon would be sufficient.

3. Fenugreek solid syrup for post-partum women and diabetic people

Ingredients for fenugreek syrup

100 grams fenugreek,
250 grams jiggery, 
250 ml ghee,
4 table spoon cumin,
2 table spoon black pepper seeds,
ginger small piece,
turmeric powder or turmeric stick little,
cloves 4 piece,
cardamom 4 piece,
poppy seeds 4 table spoon,
long pepper

Method of Preparation
Soak fenugreek for 5 hours.
Grind it well with little water.

Later add cumin, turmeric, ginger, clove, cardamom, poppy seeds, and long pepper and nutmeg everything together grind it to fine paste or powder.

Now add fenugreek paste and other powdered ingredients along with jiggery and boil it well.

While boiling add ghee and sauté it till it becomes semi liquid consistency on low flame.

Add more jiggery, if you want more sweet.

Once it turns to semi solid state transfer it to glass bottle. This will last for a month.

This can be taken morning and evening. This can be given to post partum women for good lactation. Diabetic people can have this with less jaggery.

4.  Pumpkin (Ash Gourd) Solid Syrup for nourishment.

Pumpkin 2 kg.
jaggery 500 grams.
Ginger 2 inches
Turmeric stick 2 inches,
Black pepper seeds 2 table spoons
Clove 6 to 7
Ghee 250 ml, cardamom 5 to 6, nutmeg, long pepper

Chop pumpkin into small pieces and grind it to fine paste. If it is baby pumpkin, you can grind it along with the peel. 
After this add ginger, turmeric, clove, cardamom, nutmeg and long pepper powder it and add it to pumpkin juice along with jiggery and boil it well.

Add ghee and heat it till it turns into solid syrup consistency.

Later store it in a container.

Take this in the morning and evening along with milk.

For people who are weak and fatigue, this is really good.

This will also help people to gain weight.

5. Coconut flower Solid syrup for energy

We all have seen coconut palm tree. On top of the panicle, we can find small flower like buds. Such small buds are used to prepare this syrup.

Pluck all the buds and these buds should be cooked in steam
Clove 4, cardamom 4, long pepper 2,
black pepper 2 to 4 spoon,
poppy seeds 4 table spoon,
ginger 2 inches,
turmeric stick 2 inches(or turmeric powder 2 table spoons),
cumin 4 table spoon,
ajwain 1 table spoon

Method of Preparation
Add all the above ingredients except ghee, jaggery and grind it to fine paste.
Add jaggery equivalent to the grinded paste
Add ghee ¼ portion of the grinded paste.
Take a pan with thick base add all the ingredients and heat it in low flame.
Wait till this turns to thick solid syrup consistency.
We can add more jiggery and ghee to this.
We should take this syrup before going to sleep 1 table spoon along with 1 glass of milk.
This will increase energy in the body. We should not eat this too much than required, since it increases body heat.

6. Lemon Solid Syrup
In rural places, they prepare medicine using herbal leaves and roots and they add lemon juice as priority for all their medicines.

Lemon is used worldwide especially to prepare lemonade.
Lemon pickle is very tasty.
To prepare sauce, stew and salad lemon juice is needed.

lemon 4
250 grams of jaggery, quantity can be increased as per your requirement
Ghee 250 ml,
Cumin 4 table spoon,
Black pepper 2 to 4 table spoon,
Clove 4, cardamom 4, nutmeg 1
long pepper 4, ginger 4 inches

Method of Preparation

Heat little water in the vessel on high flame, add lemons and cumin and boil it well with a closed lid. Once it is boiled well remove seeds from lemon and also retain lemon peels.
Later lemon, cumin, black pepper seeds, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, long pepper and ginger grind everything to fine paste.
Now pour grinded paste, jagerry to a pan with thick base.
Once it starts to boils add ghee and heat it in low flame until it turns into solid syrup consistency.
Now transfer it to glass container and can be stored for almost a month.

Can take half spoon everyday and this can also be given to women in their post partum period.
If kids have indigestion problem or have lost appetite, this medicine can be given morning and evening 1/4th spoon for 15 days.
This is good for obese people as well.


7. Citron Syrup

First of all many people are not aware of this citron fruit. Skin of this is bitter but pulp within is slightly sweeter. This is good for digestion and also keep your stomach and mouth clean.

Kindly remove seeds within and grind or grate whole vegetable along with the skin.

We need to make it to solid syrup consistency.

Ingredients –
Cumin 4 table spoon
Black pepper seeds 3 table spoon
Ginger 4 inches
Jaggery take ¼ portion of the ————- vegetable or as per your requirement.
Ghee take ¼ portion of the ————- vegetable
Clove 4, nutmeg 1, long pepper 4
Turmeric 2 table spoon (or turmeric stick is much convenient option)
Method of Preparation:
Please add cumin, Black pepper seeds, turmeric stick , clove, nutmeg, long pepper to a mixer grinder and grind it to fine powder.

Add citron fruit which is neither grated nor grinded to the powder.

Also add ghee and jiggery.

Heat all the ingredients in pan in low flame for 15 -20 minutes until it forms thick solid syrup consistency.

If you take in in empty stomach, it clean your stomach and also improves digestive system.

One spoon of this syrup is sufficient.

All the above syrup can be given to post-partum women as medicinal purpose.

Also, this can be taken by anybody for health benefit.


Sweet Leaf Bush (Star Gooseberry)

It is known as tonic leaf. They also call it as queen of vitamins. They grow in cold and moist land easily. Its flesh will be smooth and soft. If this is tied to tree or branch, it will grow 15- 20 feet height easily. It is used as ingredients for preparing certain dishes.

It consists of vitamin A, B, C. Calcium and iron is in abundance.

When it is grinded to juice, it turns to dark green colour.

This leafy vegetable can be fried in little ghee or grinded to smoothies or juice can also be used to prepare stew, salad and dry powder.
Ingredients required:
1. Small chunks of leaf and stem of the plant    
2. 1 table spoon of Cumin
3.  Pinch of Ajwain
4. 1 table spoon pepper seeds
5. Salt and Jaggery as per taste
6. 1 glass of butter milk (If buttermilk is not available then you can use more lemon juice)
7. 4 table spoons of lemon juice or as per your taste
8. Grated coconut half cup (Coconut is very good for health).

Method of Preparation
1. Lightly fry small chunk of leaf and stem along with cumin in ghee or coconut oil. Frying it for long time can remove all essence. (Or can be done without frying if you prefer it to be raw.)

Grind it well in mixer or juicer along with leafy vegetable, cumin, ajwain, black pepper seeds and with some water into smooth paste and filter it.

Add lemon juice, buttermilk, pinch of salt, two table spoon jaggery optional. Can also add two glass of water. Tasty and healthy juice is ready.

This increase blood platelet and good for athletes.

Star Gooseberry tasty Sauce

You can prepare Sauce with this leafy vegetable which can be had with dose, idly, roti and rice as well.

25 to 30 leaves of Sweet leaf bush/ Star Gooseberry
1 cup grated coconut
Green chillies 4 to 6 or (bird eye chilli 10)
Tamarind of marble size or lemon juice optional
1 table spoon cumin
sesame 1 to 2 spoon
half table spoon salt and little water

Method of Preparation
In a pan, add two table spoon of coconut oil. Once it is heated add green chilli, cumin and sesame and fry it well.

Once sesame cracks add leaves and fry it well. When leaves get dried, add grated coconut and grind it well in grinner till it becomes fine paste.

Then Add salt and tamarind or lemon juice and the sauce is ready. Add two table spoon of coconut oil to increase taste and flavour.

Sautéed Salad
Small chunks of leaf and stem of the plant,    
Grated coconut 2 to 4 table spoon,
Onion one , green chilli 2
Sesame 2 table spoon, mustard 1 table spoon,
Salt as per taste (half table spoon) and lemon juice (2 table spoon) and half table spoon turmeric.

Method of Preparation
In a pan, heat 4 table spoon oil. Once the oil is hot, add chopped chilly.

Post that add sesame and mustard. Post that add turmeric powder, add onion and chunks of leaves and sauté it for a while. Sauté in low flame for 3 minutes. Once it cool downs to room temperature, add grated coconut and lemon juice and mix it well.

Lemon grass juice

It is also called citronella and there are lot of name to it. This grass has lemon odour and flavor and so it is called lemon grass.

It is digestive. Controls Blood pressure. Good for cold also. Medicines are also prepared using its leaves and fruits. Its oil is used for many of the pain in the body.

We can prepare two kinds of juice with this grass. Herbal tea can be prepared with this. Lemon rice also can be prepared.

Pregnant woman and woman who are in post pregnancy period woman should not use this, says elders.

Required ingredients:

1 hand full of lemon grass

Ginger 2 inches

Roasted cumin seeds 1 spoon

Black pepper 5-6

Grated coconut 1 cup

Add all these to a juicer. If you are grinding it in a mixer then you have to extract it properly. Because, small pieces of lemon grass may get stuck in the throat and make problem. So, if you add this to juicer and prepare, it will be better.

Once the juice is ready, add 4 spoons of lemon juice to it. Or you can also add butter milk to it. Add some salt for taste or you can also add some honey. 1 spoon of honey is more than enough. This will be very tasty to drink. You can make this in four glasses.

Herbal tea:

Add 2 glasses of water to a vessel and cut two leaves and add to it.

Add two inches of ginger.

Boil this water for 10 mins. Then, extract it, later add some lemon juice to it. If required, add some salt for taste.

If you drink this hot, it will be relaxing and great. You can have this when you are suffering from cold.

You can add some jaggery also to it.

Lemon rice

Chop 5 to 6 lemon grass into small pieces

Ginger 1 inch

Green chillies 2

Salt 1 spoon lemon juice

Boiled rice 2 cups


(1/2 spoon mustard seeds, 1 spoon broken green gram, 4 spoon coconut oil or any other oil, green chillies. Heat oil in a pan and add broken green gram, then add 1 green chilly, mustard seeds. Once Mustard seeds sprinkles, tadka is ready)

Add Lemon grass, ginger, green chilly to a mixer and add some water to it and grind well. Later extract it.

Add 1 spoon salt to it and some lemon juice. Later add tadka to it.

Add some boiled rice to it and the lemon grass rice is ready. You can also add some vegetables to it.

A little coconut also can be added to it.

Cashew nut, dry grapes, almonds can also be roasted and added to it.

Doddapatre (Thyme)

Required ingredients:

1. 10 leaves of doddapatre.

2. One cup buttermilk.

3. One tablespoon jeera.

4. 1/2 spoon black pepper.

5. 1/2 cup coconut juice or dessicated coconut powder.

6. Jaggery or salt.

Preparation method:

Grind all the ingredients and add some salt and jaggery to it.


Contorls cold.

It is very distinct smell. 

Corriander leaves juice (Cilantro)

Corriander leaves are used all over the world. This is required for sambar masala. It is one of the most useful one. Its leaves are used in almost all foods and medicines. This gives pleasant odour to food.

Corriander seeds are used for digestion. This makes body cold. It has magnesium and iron mainly. It keeps skin healthy. It is good for diabetes. For woman, in post pregnancy it helps in increasing breast milk. It is good for cancer. When there is excessive of heat in the body, boiling these seeds in water and consuming will help the body cool. For fever that comes out of hot, cold fever, food poison fever it is very useful.

Cilantro juice

Required ingredients:

Hand full of corriander leaves

Hand full of grated coconut

Jaggery and salt for taste

Green chilly 1 no

1 Lemon juice

1 inch ginger

Tamarind juice

You can add butter milk, if required.


Add Corriander leaves, coconut, green chilly, ginger to a mixer and grind finely.

If you extract it properly, coconut won’t be stuck in throat. People who are suffering from constipation have to consume any juice without extracting.

Juice will have fibre. If you extract there won’t be any fibre. Fibre is very important to the body. Any juice that might be, we should drink without extracting.

So for taste add a little (Don’t use white salt) let it be natural. Add some lemon juice or any sour fruit juice like, sweet lime, kokkum or tamarind juice to it. Add 1 glass butter milk, after adding water it must be 4 glasses. Now juice is ready.

Corriander seeds juice

Soak 2 cups of corriander seeds in water. Then add elaichi to it and grind. Add some jaggery or 4 spoons of honey to it, 1/2 cup of milk or instead of milk, you can also add coconut milk to it.

You can make 4 cups out of this.

Cilantro for fever

It is very useful to cure fever. It keeps body cold. If you get fever by any chance, and you did not get doctor immediately, corriander kashaya is very good for health.

For 1 hand full of corriander seeds, add 4 glasses of water and boil 10 mins. Add some jaggery to it and keep drinking once every hour. Fever will not increase if you keep drinking this. For fever that comes out of hot, cold & food poison, it is very useful. This has to be consumed for 3 days.

Coconut milk

Usually I prefer to add coconut milk in all kind of juice. It mixes up with everything. Coconut can be said that it is equal to holy water. If we use coconut in proper and limited way, it helps with lot of things to our body.

Corriander leaves chutney:

Required ingredients:

1 hand full of corriander leaves

Grated coconut 1 cup

Tamarind or lemon juice 1 spoon

Green chillies 4 -6

Salt 1/2 spoon

For tadka, coconut oil 4 spoons, seesame seeds 1 spoon, 1/2 spoon mustard

Preparation method:

Grind Corriander leaves, green chillies, tamarind, salt, grated coconut into a thick paste with some water

Later add tadka to it. Tasty chutney is ready.

Have it with Idli, dosa, roti, bread.


Ash gourd Juice

There are many types in ash gourd. White, yellow, orange, light yellow. Similarly there are varieties in food. Here, I am telling you about importance of ash gourd. It has 96% of water and 0% of fat. Among vegetables ash gourd is the kind we can say. It helps in weight reduction. It has alkaline in it which helps in body cleansing. It is low calorie and high in fiber.

Preparation method:

We have to peel and remove seeds in it. Add all the pulp to the juicer or mixer and the juice is ready. Drinking 1 cup daily is very healthy. It is not necessary to add anything to this. Have to drink slowly. If you keep consuming it for years, all the problems in the body will be reduced. If you grind it with seeds, it has to be extracted. If you don’t put seeds, you don’t have to extract.

Second method

For 2 cups of ash gourd juice, add 1/2 cup apple, 1 chikku, 4 almonds, 10 dry grapes, 4 cashews,1/2 spoon Cumin Seeds powder,  seesame powder, 2 spoons of honey, adding all this will make a yummie breakfast and healthy too.

Salad for weight reduction

It can be had like salad for afternoon and evening.

Cut ash gourd into pieces, add onion, carrot, green chillies, salt for taste, 2 spoons of lemon juice, and the yummie salad is ready. It makes stomach full. For weight reduction, it will be very useful. You can use this to prepare sambar.

You can add coconut milk, jaggery, elaichi to make a tasty dessert out of it.

Ash gourd medicines are very famous. I have written the methods of making medicines in another page.

Required ingredients:

250gm ash guord

Grated Coconut 1 cup

Salt 1 spoon

Green chilli 1

Tadka (have already told how to make)

Peel the ash gourd and cut it into small pieces.

Add 1 spoon of salt, 2 spoon jaggery, water (25ml) add all this in a low flame.

Add 1 cup of grated coconut and green chillies and grind finely.

After it is cooled, add some coconut milk and 1 cup curd. Later add tadka to it. Tasty dish is ready. You can mix it with rice and have it. You can have it like that only to reduce weight.

Garlic Juice

In Old tradition, there is great prominence for garlic. Garlic is a strong odour and it tastes spicy too. It kills bacteria and it has less calories. High in calcium. It heals, cold, fever, indigestion, back pain when consumed in boiling water. For joint pain and indigestion, daily morning in empty stomach 1 strand of garlic should be consumed. It can be consumed by chopping it into small pieces. 6-8 pieces of garlic as to be smashed and added in hot milk and given to stroke patients. Garlic juice is applied to animals that are wounded. It is used in many dishes. When garlic is added in masala it is tasty and also digestive. Garlic is naturally anti-biotic.

When operated, garlic shouldn’t be used. It helps in reducing blood clotting. Too much of garlic should not be consumed as it increases body heat.

Garlic Juice

For 4 cup juice-

8-10 garlic pieces

1/2 cup grated coconut

1/2 inch ginger

1 spoon Cumin Seeds

2-4 pepper grind all these finely and add some black salt for taste.

Add 4 spoons of lemon juice

1 cup butter milk to be added for the yummie reciepe. After drinking this you will feel more hunger. This can be added with rice too.

Adding garlic to any dish will enhance its taste. Also, palav, palya, sambar, chutney and for many dishes garlic is necessary. It gives good odour to food. It makes food digestive. Gastric will not be made in the stomach.

Garlic juice is medicinal for any wounds. Garlic is used in Ayurveda medicines.

The only disadvantage about garlic is that when consumed mouth smells bad.

Garlic chutney

Required ingredients:

10-15 pieces of garlic

1-2 cups of grated coconut (If coconut is not available 1 cup of chicpeas or any cereal can be roasted and added to it)

Little piece of tamarind or 1/2 lemon juice.

Green chillies or red chillies 4-10

1 spoon salt.

Preparation method:

Add Garlic, grated coconut, tamarind, salt, pepper in a jar and grind it finely. Add tadka to it and garlic chutney is ready.

Add 2-4 spoons oil to a sauté, once it is heated add 1/2 spoon sesame seeds and 6-8 curry leaves to it.

Also add 1 pinch of asafetida. Then add that oil to chutney, then our chutney is ready. You can have it with roti, idli or even rice and it will taste great.

Spring Onion Juice:

Spring Onion Juice

It is a thin onion plant. Cold can be reduced by consuming it. It is well digestive. Juice, curry, chutney, sambar can be prepared out of it.


Required ingredients:

4-8 spring onion

Lemon juice 1-6 spoon

Butter milk 1 cup

Grated coconut 1 cup

Cumin Seeds 1 spoon

Preparation method:

Add spring onion, Cumin and grated coconut to mixer and grind it firmly with some water.

Add butter milk and lemon juice to it and add some salt to taste. Keep adding 2-4 cups of water and the juice is ready.


Required ingredients:

Spring onion 4-8

Green chillies 3-6

Grated coconut 1 cup (you can prepare without coconut by reducing green chillies to 2-3)

Tamarind (small gooseberry quantity) or lemon juice (4spoons)

Salt as per taste

Preparation method:

Chop spring onion finely.

Add chopped onion, grated coconut, tamarind, green chillies, salt and 1/4 cup water to mixer jar and grind well.

Put this chutney in a small steel box and add asafoetida tadka to it.

You can store it in fridge for 4 days.

You can have it dosa, idli, roti and bread.


Required ingredients:

Spring onion

Grated coconut 1/2 cup

1 cup curd

1-2 green chillies

Preparation method:

Salt as per taste

Chop spring onion finely.

Make tadka in a kadai (add 4-6 coconut oil, 1spoon split green gram, green chillies, 1/2 spoon mustard seeds, 1 spoon sesame seeds)

Add some turmeric powder to the tadka.

Then, add spring onion in low flame for about 4 minutes and sour it.

If you don’t cook the onion completely, it will taste good. Once it is cool, add grinded coconut, curd and salt. Mix it well and the dish is ready.

Similarly, add curd and grinded coconut only then curry is ready.

Mango Ginger Juice

This looks like ginger. It is called as mango ginger. Its odour is similar to mango. When you prepare juice, it looks like mango juice.


It is digestive.

It helps in healing many skin problems.

It is used to prepare face cream.

Pregnant woman and post pregnant people are supposed to use this in lesser quantity.


3-4 inches of mango ginger (Cut into small pieces)

Grated coconut 1/2 cup

Butter milk 1 cup

Lemon juice 2 – 4 spoons

Cumin Seeds 1 spoon

Pepper 1 spoon

Little salt for taste


Add 1/2 cup of Mango ginger, Cumin, grated coconut, and pepper to some water and finely grind it.

Add butter milk and salt (If necessary 1 cup water) to it. And the juice is ready.



Mango ginger 4 numbers (Cut it into small pieces)

Green chillies 4-6

Grated coconut 1 cup

Tamarind and gooseberry as per requirement

Salt as per your taste

Roasted sesame seeds 1-2 spoons


Roast green chillies and sesame in some coconut oil.

Add all the ingredients in a mixer jar with some water and grind it well in a thick consistency.

Add the chutney to a vessel and make asafoetida tadka to it.

This goes good with dosa, roti, idli, bread, puri and rice.


I like mango ginger mustard a lot. Its odour is too pleasant. It will be tasty when mixed with rice and consumed.

Those who like sweet can add jaggery to it. Those who like spicy food can add more green chillies to it.


Mango ginger 4 inches

Grated coconut 1/2 cup

Mustard seeds 1 spoon

Green chilles 2

Curd 1/2 cup

Jaggery 1-2 spoons

Salt as per the taste


Add some water mango ginger, grated coconut, green chillies, pepper 1/2 spoon, Mustard and grind it well.

Add curd, salt and jaggery to it.

2-3 cup is enough. Finally, add tadka to it.

Instant Sambhar

You can think what sambhar this might be!! Instant sambar is nothing but preparing suddenly with less or no time.

Required Ingredients:

2 green chilli and tomato

Coriander leaves and curry leaves

Pudhina leaves

Cumin Seeds 1 spoon

Turmeric powder 1/2 spoon

Black pepper 1 spoon

Cloves 2

Cinnamon 2

Garlic 4 to 6 pieces

Salt 1 spoon

Jaggery 1 spoon

Preparation method in minimum time:

Add 4 glasses of water in a vessel and keep it on stove to boil.

Add smashed Cumin, cloves, pepper, and garlic to the boiling water.

Add turmeric powder to it.

Chop green chillies, tomato, corriander leaves, curry leaves, pudhina and add to it.

Add salt and jaggery.

Sout it and add tadka to it.

Tasty sambar is ready in 10mins.

You can keep rice to cook before starting this sambar, so that both are ready.