Corriander leaves juice (Cilantro)

Corriander leaves are used all over the world. This is required for sambar masala. It is one of the most useful one. Its leaves are used in almost all foods and medicines. This gives pleasant odour to food.

Corriander seeds are used for digestion. This makes body cold. It has magnesium and iron mainly. It keeps skin healthy. It is good for diabetes. For woman, in post pregnancy it helps in increasing breast milk. It is good for cancer. When there is excessive of heat in the body, boiling these seeds in water and consuming will help the body cool. For fever that comes out of hot, cold fever, food poison fever it is very useful.

Cilantro juice

Required ingredients:

Hand full of corriander leaves

Hand full of grated coconut

Jaggery and salt for taste

Green chilly 1 no

1 Lemon juice

1 inch ginger

Tamarind juice

You can add butter milk, if required.


Add Corriander leaves, coconut, green chilly, ginger to a mixer and grind finely.

If you extract it properly, coconut won’t be stuck in throat. People who are suffering from constipation have to consume any juice without extracting.

Juice will have fibre. If you extract there won’t be any fibre. Fibre is very important to the body. Any juice that might be, we should drink without extracting.

So for taste add a little (Don’t use white salt) let it be natural. Add some lemon juice or any sour fruit juice like, sweet lime, kokkum or tamarind juice to it. Add 1 glass butter milk, after adding water it must be 4 glasses. Now juice is ready.

Corriander seeds juice

Soak 2 cups of corriander seeds in water. Then add elaichi to it and grind. Add some jaggery or 4 spoons of honey to it, 1/2 cup of milk or instead of milk, you can also add coconut milk to it.

You can make 4 cups out of this.

Cilantro for fever

It is very useful to cure fever. It keeps body cold. If you get fever by any chance, and you did not get doctor immediately, corriander kashaya is very good for health.

For 1 hand full of corriander seeds, add 4 glasses of water and boil 10 mins. Add some jaggery to it and keep drinking once every hour. Fever will not increase if you keep drinking this. For fever that comes out of hot, cold & food poison, it is very useful. This has to be consumed for 3 days.

Coconut milk

Usually I prefer to add coconut milk in all kind of juice. It mixes up with everything. Coconut can be said that it is equal to holy water. If we use coconut in proper and limited way, it helps with lot of things to our body.

Corriander leaves chutney:

Required ingredients:

1 hand full of corriander leaves

Grated coconut 1 cup

Tamarind or lemon juice 1 spoon

Green chillies 4 -6

Salt 1/2 spoon

For tadka, coconut oil 4 spoons, seesame seeds 1 spoon, 1/2 spoon mustard

Preparation method:

Grind Corriander leaves, green chillies, tamarind, salt, grated coconut into a thick paste with some water

Later add tadka to it. Tasty chutney is ready.

Have it with Idli, dosa, roti, bread.

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