Drumstick leaves or Moringa Leaves Juice, sauce and sautéed salad

Drumstick leaves

Juice As per our forefathers, Drumstick leaves or Moringa Leaves will avoid lot of diseases. 100 grams of Moringa leaves have more nutrition content than any other 100 grams of vegetables or fruits. It has 9 times more protein than curd, 10 times more vitamin A than carrot, 15 times more calcium content than milk, 12 times more vitamin C found in oranges, 25 times more iron content found in spinach, 15 times more potassium found in banana. Drumsticks can be used as an alternative if drumstick leaves or moringa leaves are not available.

Everyday mix 4 table spoon moringa leaves juices with table spoon honey and consuming it is very good for health.

Method of Preparation:
Moringa leaves, Ginger, Cumin, Coconut can be put as an optional and cook all the ingredients. Add two glasses of water. Add honey and lemon juice and consume one glass morning and one glass in the evening, can add coconut milk as an option. If this is consumed twice or thrice a week you will get enough nutrients required for a week.

Can consume moringa leaves powder you can find this online. This should be consumed one table spoon for one glass of water adding one table spoon of lemon juice.

Moringa leaves got medicinal properties hence this is given to kids. This removes toxins from the human body and also improves digestion.  Diabetes, Blood pressure, asthma, migraine and joint pain can be controlled by moringa leaves. Instead of tablets you can consume moringa leaves to be healthy and energetic.

Moringa leaves/ Drumstick leaves sauce

Two morsel Moringa leaves (slightly fry leaves in 4 table spoon of oil)

Tamarind size of a marble. 4 to 6 green chillies, 8 to 10 garlic cloves, 1 inch ginger, salt as per taste add all these content to mixer grinder and grind it to fine thick paste.

If moringa leaves are sufficient add little little coconut.

Add little water and grind it thick paste so that it can stay for 4 days.

If you had coconut, you can store this in fridge for a month easily.

Can temper this with ajinomoto so that it enhance the taste.

Moringa leaves/ drumstick leaves sautéed salad

You can prepare salad from moringa leaves.  Add little oil to pan and heat it slightly and add one table spoon of black gram, later add thinly chopped green chilles, thinly chopped 1 onion, later half table spoon mustard, one table spoon sesame fry all this well and add two morsels of moringa leaves and cook this for 3 minutes and add salt as per taste and turn off the heat. Once it is cooled down, add coconut and lemon juice and sautéed salad is ready.

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