Ginger Juice

Ginger is a root vegetable as it grows underground. Ginger is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicinal preparations.

It increases appetite by easing the digestion process. Ginger is helpful for conditions like cold, fever, indigestion, worms in the stomach.

It is good to use Ginger regularly in cooking. Ginger decoction eases body ache if consumed consecutively for 15 days. Ginger, when taken along with cumin seeds decreases stomach gas pains. Ginger must be used for relief from viral infections.

Method One

Crush or powder 4 inches Ginger, 10 leaves of holy basil,

1 bunch of cilantro,

1 spoon of pepper,

1 spoon of cumin seeds

and boil in a litre of water. Add jaggery and lemon juice to taste. Consume one glass of this drink. It is helpful for cold, bodyache and mild fever.

Method Two —Grind 5 inches Ginger,2 spoons of cumin seeds,1 spoon of pepper,1 cup of grated coconut,1 cup of buttermilk,4 spoons of lemon juice, some cilantro and salt to taste. This recipe yields 4 glasses after adding some amount of water.

It’s very tasty and can be consumed along with meals. It serves as an accompaniment with rice

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