How to control Corona virus

I was on the lookout for some method to reduce the effect of corona virus which has affected the whole world now.

Nowadays people have taken a liking to readymade, frozen, processed, baked foods. But animals seldom get such variety. So everyone must wonder how the animals fare better than us health wise.

Animals consume naturally available food. Herbivores feed on leaves, fruits, pond water available in the forest. Carnivores feed on the other animals in the forest.

But human beings consume whatever they grow and meat of animals which they take care, filtered water and chemically processed foods.

Animals dwell in the forest and get sufficient air and sunlight. But human beings shelter themselves in buildings which do not enable natural sunlight or air. Only farmers could experience natural sunlight.

The significant difference between animals and us lies in the fact that animals live in maximum sunny conditions. The important question is how many hours do we stay under the sun? Sunlight could be thought of as a kind of food, as important as the food we consume through our mouths. It is not enough to just consume healthy food. For constituting a wholesome diet, along with healthy food natural air and sunlight are also required.

I would give foremost importance to Air, light and water and only then the food we eat when it comes to food matters. When healthy food is not supported by good air, light and water it turns unfruitful. The immunity power decreases due to this.

Most viruses thrive during winters, the reason being less sunlight. The effect of the viruses is considerably reduced during summers. For instance, people who work under the sun hardly get ailments related to cold.

Spanish flu was a pandemic situation in Spain during 1920.It was said that for people who rested under the sun, the intensity of flu reduced.Immuntiy increases due to sunlight. Any ailment related to cold and mucus formation should be treated along with sunlight ensuring a speedy recovery. I would advise consumption of enough sunlight based on each one’s tolerability along with medicines to patients suffering from Corona virus. This will increase body immunity or resistance power and reduce the intensity of infection.

Lastly, I would like to say that instead of opting for various foods to increase our health quotient, we must rather rely on natural foods, sunlight and water .We must ensure that we work or sweat for at least half an hour to 1 hour under the sun.

The gist of this is that for any viral infection causing breathlessness, sunlight is as important as the intake of medicines. Doctors must advise the patients to rest or try at least some minimum activity under the sun to build resistance power.

Indian Ipecac

It is a profusely branching climber plant which is predominantly bitter in taste. The leaves of this plant are useful in treatment of fever due to chills or related issues. My son used to experience cold fever often and I would serve him with a decoction prepared out of these leaves. The fever would reduce immediately with other tablets but would return back with thick mucus. This decoction is a mucus thinner thus reduces cough and helps fever to subside. I advise everyone to grow this plant in their houses as I feel it is ubiquitous.

Method of preparation

Add 10 leaves of this plant along with 2 spoons of coriander seeds in half litre of water and boil for 10 minutes in low flame. Once the water turns green, switch off the flame and add 2 spoons of jaggery. Consume a quarter glass of this decoction once every 2.5 hours if it’s a low intensity fever and half glass every 4 hours if it’s a high intensity fever.

Boil one handful of coriander seeds in 1 litre of water .Consume this whenever thirsty to ward off any fever. Consume this drink consecutively for 3-4 days during the morning and night.

Proper sleep is very important. Regular water or coriander water consumption is important. At least 1 hour should be spent under the sun. Most important is to remain happy and peaceful without fearing.

Bathe in water infused with turmeric and salt. Try to use ginger, turmeric root, pepper in daily food consumption. For instance Ginger Chutney, Turmeric Chutney or sauce, salad must be accompanied with curries.

Daily take steam 3 times in a day.

One drops of lemon inside nose.After cough out.

After take little steam.

Take vaccine.

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