Kokum/Punarpuli Juice & Jam

Kokum fruit juice is too enticing and can’t resist. It is because of colour of the fruit, just like beet root juice Kokum juice is also red in colour.

Peel, seeds, pulp everything in the fruit is useful. Seeds can be used to extract oil which can be applied as moisturiser during winter season for chapped skin, pulp and peel of the fruit can be used to prepare juice.

Method of Preparation:
Remove seeds from the fruit and cook pulp and peel in low flame, later grind and filter it.

Add jaggery or sugar equivalent to half the juice quantity.

Later add 2 table spoon black pepper powder and 1 table spoon of cardamom for 1 litre of kokum juice and boil it low flame till it turns to syrup form.

Once it cools down, store it in glass bottle and it can be preserved for years this way. When you want to prepare juice add one table spoon for one cup of juice.


Add well grinded pulp and peel and equal quantity of jaggery and black pepper powder, now pour this to wide plate and dry it in sun when it becomes thick syrup consistency transfer it to glass bottle. While preparing juice add one table spoon of stored juice pulp to one glass of water and mix well and serve it.

Alternative Procedure

Remove all the seeds and sundry the fruit. Add ¼ quantity of jaggery or sugar comparing with quantity of fruit pulp, using jaggery is better than sugar in terms of health and add black pepper powder and cardamom powder.

Now pour this to wide plate and dry it in sundry for 15 days when it becomes thick syrup consistency transfer it to glass bottle.


Dry pulp using drier if sun light is not available, now grind pulp in mixer grinder to fine powder and store it in container.

Add this to one glass of water and keep it for an hour, so that sourness will disappear. To this add pinch of pepper powder, cardamom powder and jaggery or sugar as per your taste. Juice is ready.

Place one table spoon of basil seeds or psyllium husk seeds in water for 30 minutes and later add them to the juice, it enhance the taste of the juice.

This juice cools down the body. It’s very helpful during summer.

Its helpful for constipation and digestion problems it also relives other stomach related problem.

One can drink this everyday if they have low blood pressure.

You can also prepare sauce, juice and jam using this fruit. Tamarind can be replaced with kokum.

Kokum Jam

Pulp of kokum
¼ quantity of jaggery to the amount of pulp
1 whole garlic
for one 1 lt plup 5 green chilly required
Cumin 1 table spoon or as per taste
1 pinch of ajinomoto
1 table spoon black pepper seeds

In a mixer, add all the above ingredients except jaggery. In a pan, add the grinded powder along with jaggery and heat it in low flame until it turns semi solid state and store it in glass bottle. You can keep it in the fridge for nearly a month.

You can adjust sourness, salt and sweetness as her your preference.

You can use this as spread for idly, roti, bread etc.

This will be as tasty as tomato sauce and also colourful.


1 litre of water
8-10 kokum fruit
1 table spoon cumin
1 table spoon of black pepper seeds
salt and jaggery as per your taste.
Add all the above ingredients and boil it for 10 minutes.
For tempering heat little oil add ajinimoto, garlic, mustard, curry leaves 8 to 10 and now add this to the stew prepared.
This can be had when one has fever along with food they will feel relieved.

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