Lemon grass juice

It is also called citronella and there are lot of name to it. This grass has lemon odour and flavor and so it is called lemon grass.

It is digestive. Controls Blood pressure. Good for cold also. Medicines are also prepared using its leaves and fruits. Its oil is used for many of the pain in the body.

We can prepare two kinds of juice with this grass. Herbal tea can be prepared with this. Lemon rice also can be prepared.

Pregnant woman and woman who are in post pregnancy period woman should not use this, says elders.

Required ingredients:

1 hand full of lemon grass

Ginger 2 inches

Roasted cumin seeds 1 spoon

Black pepper 5-6

Grated coconut 1 cup

Add all these to a juicer. If you are grinding it in a mixer then you have to extract it properly. Because, small pieces of lemon grass may get stuck in the throat and make problem. So, if you add this to juicer and prepare, it will be better.

Once the juice is ready, add 4 spoons of lemon juice to it. Or you can also add butter milk to it. Add some salt for taste or you can also add some honey. 1 spoon of honey is more than enough. This will be very tasty to drink. You can make this in four glasses.

Herbal tea:

Add 2 glasses of water to a vessel and cut two leaves and add to it.

Add two inches of ginger.

Boil this water for 10 mins. Then, extract it, later add some lemon juice to it. If required, add some salt for taste.

If you drink this hot, it will be relaxing and great. You can have this when you are suffering from cold.

You can add some jaggery also to it.

Lemon rice

Chop 5 to 6 lemon grass into small pieces

Ginger 1 inch

Green chillies 2

Salt 1 spoon lemon juice

Boiled rice 2 cups


(1/2 spoon mustard seeds, 1 spoon broken green gram, 4 spoon coconut oil or any other oil, green chillies. Heat oil in a pan and add broken green gram, then add 1 green chilly, mustard seeds. Once Mustard seeds sprinkles, tadka is ready)

Add Lemon grass, ginger, green chilly to a mixer and add some water to it and grind well. Later extract it.

Add 1 spoon salt to it and some lemon juice. Later add tadka to it.

Add some boiled rice to it and the lemon grass rice is ready. You can also add some vegetables to it.

A little coconut also can be added to it.

Cashew nut, dry grapes, almonds can also be roasted and added to it.

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