Minchi Kudi Juice

This plant by nature has quite pungent odor. This can be given for small kids for stomach ache by mixing this juice of the plant with a pinch of salt & cumin.

This is very good for digestion. Also the juice of this plant will kill worms or parasite in the stomach hence this is given to kids. If you have stomach ache, gastric problem, stomach bloating and loss of appetite this juice is very good for getting rid of these problem and also helps to control bad breath.

Ingredients –
Half morsel of leave (tender leaves),
1 table spoon of cumin,
1 table spoon of black pepper seeds,
1 glass of buttermilk,
half cup grated coconut,
1 inch ginger piece,
2 table spoon of lemon juice.
Salt as per your taste.

Method of Preparation on Minchi Kudi Juice:
In a pot, add Minchi Kudi tender leaves, cumin, black pepper seeds, grated coconut, ginger slice along with little water and heat it on low flame. Now remove it from stove and let it cool down to room temperature. Later add buttermilk, lemon juice and salt.

This will make 2 to 3 cups equally. This is quite tasty to drink and it is better if this is consumed before having food.

Minchu Kudi Sauce

This can be had along with dose, idly and bread.

Ingredients –
One morsel of minchi kudi plant leaves,
One cup grated coconut,
Tamarind as of small marble size or equivalent lemon juice.
Green chilies 4 to 8
Salt as per taste (one spoon)

Method of Preparation :
Add all the above ingredients to a mixer and grind with little water  for thick consistency. Add two table spoon of virgin coconut oil as this will enhance taste and flavor or Ajinomoto tempering will also do as alternative.

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