Semi Solid Syrup

2. Ginger (For Gastric)

Ingredients –
100 grams ginger
250 ml ghee
250 grams jaggery   
4 table spoon cumin, 2 table spoon black pepper seeds
Cardamom 4, clove 4 and poppy seeds 4 table spoon

Method of Preparation
Grind Ginger, cumin, black pepper seeds, clove, cardamom and 1 inch raw turmeric with little water. You can add two more spoon of cumin as optional.

Now boil this paste along with ghee, jaggery until it becomes like solid syrup.

Once it cools down to room temperature transfer it to glass container and can use it till one month.

This is very good for digestion. This increases appetite. Hence this can be used by people who have lost their appetite, digestive problems and post partum women. Take this in empty stomach in the morning and evening along with milk.

For kids, half table spoon would be sufficient.

3. Fenugreek solid syrup for post-partum women and diabetic people

Ingredients for fenugreek syrup

100 grams fenugreek,
250 grams jiggery, 
250 ml ghee,
4 table spoon cumin,
2 table spoon black pepper seeds,
ginger small piece,
turmeric powder or turmeric stick little,
cloves 4 piece,
cardamom 4 piece,
poppy seeds 4 table spoon,
long pepper

Method of Preparation
Soak fenugreek for 5 hours.
Grind it well with little water.

Later add cumin, turmeric, ginger, clove, cardamom, poppy seeds, and long pepper and nutmeg everything together grind it to fine paste or powder.

Now add fenugreek paste and other powdered ingredients along with jiggery and boil it well.

While boiling add ghee and sauté it till it becomes semi liquid consistency on low flame.

Add more jiggery, if you want more sweet.

Once it turns to semi solid state transfer it to glass bottle. This will last for a month.

This can be taken morning and evening. This can be given to post partum women for good lactation. Diabetic people can have this with less jaggery.

4.  Pumpkin (Ash Gourd) Solid Syrup for nourishment.

Pumpkin 2 kg.
jaggery 500 grams.
Ginger 2 inches
Turmeric stick 2 inches,
Black pepper seeds 2 table spoons
Clove 6 to 7
Ghee 250 ml, cardamom 5 to 6, nutmeg, long pepper

Chop pumpkin into small pieces and grind it to fine paste. If it is baby pumpkin, you can grind it along with the peel. 
After this add ginger, turmeric, clove, cardamom, nutmeg and long pepper powder it and add it to pumpkin juice along with jiggery and boil it well.

Add ghee and heat it till it turns into solid syrup consistency.

Later store it in a container.

Take this in the morning and evening along with milk.

For people who are weak and fatigue, this is really good.

This will also help people to gain weight.

5. Coconut flower Solid syrup for energy

We all have seen coconut palm tree. On top of the panicle, we can find small flower like buds. Such small buds are used to prepare this syrup.

Pluck all the buds and these buds should be cooked in steam
Clove 4, cardamom 4, long pepper 2,
black pepper 2 to 4 spoon,
poppy seeds 4 table spoon,
ginger 2 inches,
turmeric stick 2 inches(or turmeric powder 2 table spoons),
cumin 4 table spoon,
ajwain 1 table spoon

Method of Preparation
Add all the above ingredients except ghee, jaggery and grind it to fine paste.
Add jaggery equivalent to the grinded paste
Add ghee ¼ portion of the grinded paste.
Take a pan with thick base add all the ingredients and heat it in low flame.
Wait till this turns to thick solid syrup consistency.
We can add more jiggery and ghee to this.
We should take this syrup before going to sleep 1 table spoon along with 1 glass of milk.
This will increase energy in the body. We should not eat this too much than required, since it increases body heat.

6. Lemon Solid Syrup
In rural places, they prepare medicine using herbal leaves and roots and they add lemon juice as priority for all their medicines.

Lemon is used worldwide especially to prepare lemonade.
Lemon pickle is very tasty.
To prepare sauce, stew and salad lemon juice is needed.

lemon 4
250 grams of jaggery, quantity can be increased as per your requirement
Ghee 250 ml,
Cumin 4 table spoon,
Black pepper 2 to 4 table spoon,
Clove 4, cardamom 4, nutmeg 1
long pepper 4, ginger 4 inches

Method of Preparation

Heat little water in the vessel on high flame, add lemons and cumin and boil it well with a closed lid. Once it is boiled well remove seeds from lemon and also retain lemon peels.
Later lemon, cumin, black pepper seeds, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, long pepper and ginger grind everything to fine paste.
Now pour grinded paste, jagerry to a pan with thick base.
Once it starts to boils add ghee and heat it in low flame until it turns into solid syrup consistency.
Now transfer it to glass container and can be stored for almost a month.

Can take half spoon everyday and this can also be given to women in their post partum period.
If kids have indigestion problem or have lost appetite, this medicine can be given morning and evening 1/4th spoon for 15 days.
This is good for obese people as well.


7. Citron Syrup

First of all many people are not aware of this citron fruit. Skin of this is bitter but pulp within is slightly sweeter. This is good for digestion and also keep your stomach and mouth clean.

Kindly remove seeds within and grind or grate whole vegetable along with the skin.

We need to make it to solid syrup consistency.

Ingredients –
Cumin 4 table spoon
Black pepper seeds 3 table spoon
Ginger 4 inches
Jaggery take ¼ portion of the ————- vegetable or as per your requirement.
Ghee take ¼ portion of the ————- vegetable
Clove 4, nutmeg 1, long pepper 4
Turmeric 2 table spoon (or turmeric stick is much convenient option)
Method of Preparation:
Please add cumin, Black pepper seeds, turmeric stick , clove, nutmeg, long pepper to a mixer grinder and grind it to fine powder.

Add citron fruit which is neither grated nor grinded to the powder.

Also add ghee and jiggery.

Heat all the ingredients in pan in low flame for 15 -20 minutes until it forms thick solid syrup consistency.

If you take in in empty stomach, it clean your stomach and also improves digestive system.

One spoon of this syrup is sufficient.

All the above syrup can be given to post-partum women as medicinal purpose.

Also, this can be taken by anybody for health benefit.


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