Sesame Juice

As a famous proverb goes by saying Even if the physical form is small, fame is big even though a sesame seeds look small in stature it’s the power it has is too useful. Sesame is good for Diabetes, heart problems, Sinus, Eating 3 teaspoons or 30grams of Sesame daily reduces bad cholesterol in the body as it is rich in Fiber, Protein content present in sesame is known for lower blood pressure level as it boosts immunity and also reduces joint pains.

Sesame is rich in Nutrients, such as Selenium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin B6, which is good for Thyroid and reduces problems during menopause in women.

Few people are known to be allergic to Sesame seeds, they may experience symptoms such as Headache, difficulty in breathing, and Hives (Skin rashes) in case if you experience such symptoms please avoid consuming Sesame seeds.


Required Ingredients

1 Cup of Sesame seeds, 2 to 4 Cardamom cloves, Hint of coconut or 1 Glass of Coconut milk. It is not mandatory to add coconut milk you can add Jaggery as well, One cup or 4 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice.


Procedure to make it

Soak Sesame seeds for one hour in the water, add Cardamom and mix it in a juicer or in a mixer grinder to this mixture add Jaggery and water accordingly to match the taste and you can make 2 glasses of juices, You can add coconut milk or normal milk if required. Sesame Juice is good for your body and soul.

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