Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat grass juice has surprised use. We can grow wheat grass in House Yard or in pots. If you soak wheat in water for one day and sow it in soil, wheat grass for juice will be ready within ten or fifteen days. If it is half foot enough.

We can say wheat grass juice is a complete food. It contains Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phytonutrients, seventeen amino acids, Vitamins A,C,K and B Complex, Chlorophyll protein, so becomes complete food. It purifies the blood by removing waste products in the body, increase the immunity power, removes constipation. It works like a tonic as if energetic food. This is good for Gastric, Flatulence, B.P, Alzheimer, Diabetes and Paralysis. It is good for mental power, lessen the stress and especially good for cancer.

Pregnant women should not consume. It reduces the breast milk.

Method of making juice

Chop off one hand of tender wheat grass in small size.

Add some water to blend in the juicer.

Add two spoon of honey & half tumbler of water. Juice is ready.

Another method –

Wheat grass+ Add one spoon cumin seeds, half spoon pepper, one glass of coconut milk, juice of half lemon , 1″ ginger.

All of these blind in juicer.Add half tumbler of water.Juice is ready.

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